Located in a old wool and mohair storage building downtown Goldthwaite across from the New Welcome Center and Legacy Plaza consisting of the Texas Botanical Gardens.


Peabody’s restaurant was opened by Allen and Mary Knight. Allen took early retirement from Central Texas Telephone to open the restaurant, because dining out was hard to find in Goldthwaite.

The building is an old wool and mohair warehouse. A German food restaurant was here before we bought the building. They were open about six months. We revamped the building to suit our needs.


Allen and Mary purchased the building the last of April 2005. After purchasing our stoves, freezers, etc., we opened to the public on Friday July 2nd.  We knew there would be a lot of work and long hours to get the restaurant started. We found out real quick, we did not know how little we did know! The restaurant is still a work in progress 10 years later.


We have been very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to help our community. We try to promote Goldthwaite and Mills County every  time we can. Mary can retire in 2016. I would like to retire about the same time she does.


We do have the restaurant FOR SALE.  The Restaurant is 6000 square feet. We seat 150 patrons. One area

we call our family room, would make a nice place for a private club.  Mills County is a dry county, with

the exception of one precinct.


We are asking $525,000 for the business and real estate.  The building is estimated at $175,000 to

$200,000.  The contents, 99% will convey with the sale.


Hope everyone has a blessed day every day!


Allen Knight